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Why Use Social Selling?

Because social media selling is the art of using social media to find, engage with and nurture your local prospective customers. It allows you to develop relationships that keep you, and your brand in front of mind, so you are in the position to get the sale when a prospect is ready to buy.

How Our Social Selling Packages Consistently Deliver Results!

Let me start by explaining some of the principals behind Social Selling.

Who knows what an influencer is? Or what influencer marketing is?

An influencer (for social media) is a person who has established credibility with a group of people and as a result, can influence them with what they say and do.

For instance, note these stats:

social media influencer

Source: RevLocal

82% of Americans say they seek recommendations from friends and family when considering a purchase. So when friends and family recommend a service that is powerful. So powerful that 92% of people (almost everybody) pay attention to recommendations and will spend 31% more on average with a company that is well recommended.

So, what does that mean? It means that we are all influencers. We all have credibility with our family and friends and for the most part, when we recommend something interesting to them, it can dramatically change their decisions and buying behavior. And if we recommend something to our friends, and they, as a result, recommend it to their friends, then the result looks like this:

This is what it looks like when a recommendation goes viral.

viral social media

Let me give you an example. I love to travel. And I have a friend who loves to travel as well. As a result, they were looking for the best travel credit card.

So they went to Google and all they found was a bunch of affiliate sites. But they wanted an objective, credible recommendation on what was card was best. They then went to Facebook and we’re going to post the question when at the same time a friend of theirs posted the very same question.  What was the best travel credit card for earning points and miles that can be used for traveling? All these people started commenting, and of course, my friend was interested and started reading all those comments.  And all these people were mentioning the same travel credit card, over and over. And my friend thought that if all these people are saying the same credit card is the best. Then it must be the best. The same day they applied and got that same credit card, and were more than happy with it.

Do you think that those people’s comments influenced my friend?

Of course, they did! And this happens over and over every single day with countless numbers of products and services.

This is the essence of social selling!

So I know what you are thinking. How can a business continue to collect new friends on an ongoing basis that will recommend your business, and thus influence their friends to engage with your business and become prospects and customers, Right?

That seems pretty far-fetched, doesn’t it? Certainly different than anything you have seen so far on Facebook, isn’t it?

But, my team has been developing these types of strategies over time and was well prepared to adapt to Facebook’s recent algorithm changes.

What recent Facebook algorithm changes?

On Jan 11, 2018, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had changed their news feed algorithm by focusing on what people say about your business and not what you say about your business.

“focusing on what people say about your business and not on what you say about your business.”

At that time, he stated that the “refresh of the News Feed algorithm will de-prioritize content shared by media and businesses in favor of that produced by friends and family and groups”  and that “the overhaul of Facebook’s News Feed algorithm would prioritizemeaningful social interactions” over “relevant content”.

Our social selling strategies are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Facebook’s new algorithm in order to give you a competitive advantage.

We are so confident that our social selling packages will work for your local business that we are offering a free Facebook Makeover of your business page on Facebook and also a 7-day takeover of your Facebook marketing to prove it to you.

Here Is How Our 7 Day Social Selling Facebook Takeover Campaigns Work:

We are going to offer you a couple of things.

#1 Is what we call our Facebook Makeover. What is a Facebook Makeover?

We give your Facebook Business Page a makeover so that it is ready to promote your business effectively on Facebook

We redesigned their business page cover photo, and work with your business profile information providing the missing pieces that are required for their Facebook Business Page to look top notch and have a successful campaign. We do working with you and using our proven 7 step process for success.

Now that your Business Page is ready for marketing, we do a Facebook Takeover.

We take over the marketing on your business page.

  1. We assign you a team to manage your page and run your campaign for the week.
  2. You will get A Project Managers
  3. A Social Media Coordinator
  4. And a trained Social Changeover Professional (The Engager)
  5. We create posts that will bring the Facebook page back to life.
  6. Our team engineers a campaign that we then apply them to your business page. So that people on your business page are commenting, saying that they are going to show up, and they are excited about what you are offering.

And during this week, we are all about getting people into your business!

And all this is FREE for 7 days so that you can see the results first hand on your business page like those we have shown you through this training on other business owner’s pages. 

After the 7 days, we send you what we call a wrap-up video. This video will spell out the specific results we have achieved in the campaign.

These services are valuable. Our Social Media Makeover is a $300 value. And our Facebook Makeover is valued at $375.

Why then are we doing this for free?

Because, with our system, it is impossible for a business to not get results

And we know that after we show you the results that can be obtained, that you will want to hire us to continue bringing in new customers into your business on an ongoing basis.
So how does that sound? For businesses that want a steady stream of new customers for their products or services, it truly is a no-brainer.

If you think this is right for your business, and want to have your own Facebook Makeover and Facebook Takeover, then sign up below for a 15-minute consultation to discuss your local business social media goals with our team and so can get started.

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